You Can Help Give Wildlife A Second Chance!

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You can help wildlife today.

Your gift helps Nutmeg Acres Wildlife Rehabilitation save hundreds of orphaned & injured wildlife each year. Turtles hit by cars crossing the road to lay their eggs. Orphaned joey opossums whose mother was hit by a car scavenging a meal. Cottontail babies whose nest was dug up machinery. Squirrels whose nests were destroyed when their tree was cut down. Songbirds that have flown into windows. Birds of prey tangled in fencing or fishing line. These are just a handful of the scenarios that bring hundreds of animals into our care each year.

Since 2002, Nutmeg Acres Wildlife Rehabilitation has been dedicated to the care of Connecticut wildlife. We are committed to fostering an understanding and respect for all Connecticut wildlife, through education and practical assistance with wildlife issues. We strive to provide quality and humane care to injured and orphaned wildlife, with the goal of releasing them back into the wild.


Help give wildlife the second chance they deserve.

Donations are greatly appreciated and help save wildlife in Connecticut. Your donation is needed for items such as food, veterinary care, medical and animal care supplies that are critical in saving wildlife that come into care.

We rely on generous donations from people like you to help return injured and orphaned wildlife to the wild!